A will is essentially the basic, "entry-level" device of the estate planning universe. Passing without at least a will in place (i.e., dying "intestate") all but assures you of having your assets distributed pursuant to your state's succession laws. If you're indifferent about that, then perhaps you needn't read any further. However, most people, of course, would prefer to have their assets distributed in accordance with their own unique preferences. Having an attorney assist you with this vital step can save your loved ones a good amount of future headache and expense 

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How can Abessi Law Help?

Abessi Law can assist in drafting and making legally effective your will. These general functions include:

  • Providing essential, clear language that specifically defines your asset distribution preferences and reduces the risk of controversies among heirs (both intended and unintended!)

  • Ensuring compliance with the specific protocols necessary to properly validate the will (e.g. attestation, notarization (for self-proving); remote notarization during COVID period)

  • Review or and update to existing wills.

  • Application of "pour-over wills."

The Firm may also provide litigation support for existing clients (both plaintiff and defense).