Because trusts are so flexible, they are commonly referred to as the most useful estate planning device. Trusts can be created either via a lifetime transfer or by will, and either in a revocable or irrevocable form. To take proper advantage of the benefits that a trust can afford families, it needs to be appropriately constructed and defined. Otherwise, one's asset distribution plan can fail and a costly legal battle may ensue.

Attorneys can be expensive, of course, but in light of the devastating consequences that may result from a defective estate plan, those costs are often far outweighed by the familial benefits.

Elder woman and her caretaker

How can Abessi Law Help?

Let Abessi Law help guide you through the various items to consider pertaining to trusts, including:

  • Revocable trusts and the optimal application (if any) thereof

  • Irrevocable trusts and the optimal application (if any) thereof

  • Trustee designation

  • Protection against unintended claimants

  • Tax consequences of proposed trust strategies

  • Proper arrangement with pour-over wills (if any)

  • And more

The Firm may also provide litigation support and dispute resolution for established clients.