Prenups / Postnups

Prenuptial (antenuptial) and postnuptial agreements have become more accepted and less taboo over the years; in a recent study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 62% of all divorce lawyers reported an increase in prenups, with a noticeably positive trend among millennials.

Couples can arrive at fair marital agreements in generally one of two ways: amicably, with little controversy over how assets may be distributed in the event of divorce; or with sticking points, which could fester into something more concerning if those disagreements become protracted. Having an attorney who is nimble enough to guide the future bride and/or groom through these various paths can save expense while - more importantly - helping preserve the "spark" that compelled the intent to marry in the first place. An attorney should be more than "just" an attorney.

Bride and Groom

How can Abessi Law Help?

Abessi Law provides sound legal guidance in this area while infusing its service with the tact and emotional intelligence necessary to minimize the anxiety that can come with these steps. The Firm strives to provide detailed and legally forceful agreements at affordable rates so that more couples have the opportunity to enjoy peace of mind while they insure against any unintended and unfortunate results.


Our prenuptial and postnuptial agreement features include:

  • Facilitation of any negotiations involved with the agreement

  • Integrate them, where available, with estate planning and other family law matters

  • Drafting and review with parties

  • Application of legal appropriate protocols to ensure agreement validation

  • Contingency terms and conditions to the extent requested or required.

  • Amendments to existing contracts (where legally appropriate; the Firm does not assist in strong-arm, "hold-up", or duress-related tactics)

The Firm may also provide litigation support for established clients.