Power of Attorney

A power of attorney gives one the ability to act on behalf of another; the former essentially acts as the latter's agent. There are numerous types of POA. For example, a durable POA remains in effect even after the subject of the POA becomes incapacitated, while a limited POA (as the name suggests) can narrow the scope of the powers.

Speaking with a lawyer can be vital in discussing what type of POA you need and how to go about putting one into effect.

Power of Attorney

How can Abessi Law Help?

Connect with Abessi Law for guidance on what sort of power of attorney you require. Services include:

  • Consultation on the general area to help focus your needs toward the proper solution

  • Power of attorney assignments as part of a robust estate plan (e.g., with wills & trusts)

  • Review of existing power of attorney agreements

  • Customization for limited power of attorney assignments

  • And more

The Firm may also provide litigation support where needed.