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If you think the Firm's business formation prices are low, maybe this will explain why...

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Incorporation: $1200. $1500. $1800.

LLC formation: $700. $1000. $1200.

Maybe you've seen these prices that law firms charge for essential, personalized attention to your business creation initiative.

And then you come here.

Incorporation: starting at $750

LLC: starting at $500

Okay, pal - what's the catch? Well, "the catch" can be summarized in two words:


Business development for Abessi Law, that is. You see, I offer these prices not because I'm some sort of benevolent Gandhi (who, by the way, was a lawyer himself). I provide these competitive prices to initiate relationships with emerging businessmen and businesswoman. I do this so as you graduate from your formation stage, my firm can grow with you.

In law, clients tend to be sticky, assuming their lawyers do right by them. And such repeat business can be valuable, not only from a direct standpoint, but also with respect to those clients' willingness to refer their lawyers.

As an MBA with a marketing and business strategy background, I've come to appreciate the importance of long-term thinking; too often do attorneys discount the importance of the "non-lawyer stuff." Law firms are like most other types of businesses, in that metrics such as customer acquisition cost, revenue per customer, and return on investment are vital. If a business attorney can accumulate a broad client base, than that means a greater likelihood of future business that doesn't necessarily have to come via outbound marketing efforts (e.g., search engine marketing, TV advertising, etc.).

So if you're asking why I seem to be charging a low fee for business formation packages, perhaps the subsequent transactions that you conduct with me may imply the answer.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you want to tell me more about what you're trying to accomplish with your endeavor(s). Maybe I can fulfill a need or two. And if I can't, then hey, at least the consultation won't cost you anything!

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