Sometimes Family Matters

Require Outside Assistance

At Abessi Law, the family is a central focus; after all, it is arguably the backbone of our society, and thus an attractive area for attorneys who are interested in creating positive social utility during the course of their legal practices.

Abessi Law's president, Kevin Abessi, has a passion for family law because - ironically enough - it can require being more than just a lawyer. In this area, sometimes an attorney has to step outside of his or her conventional functions, and provide support that may seem more therapeutic, philosophical, or friendly in nature. Knowing how to skillfully manage this professional-personal dynamic requires more than what one may have learned in law school; this is often a "have it or you don't" type of ability.


When it comes to the general area of family law, you arguably have to be more comfortable with your lawyer's personality here than in any other area. This is why it can be so important for a firm to afford you some time to get to know it as well as your compatibility therewith. To serve that very need, Abessi Law provides the opportunity for a free consultation.

The Firm offers assistance is almost all categories of family law; click on any of the bullet points below to learn more before making contact:

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