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The decision to divorce can be one of the hardest that you will ever have to make. Deciding on which attorney to hire to facilitate the process should also not be taken lightly, because divorce lawyers should not only have the basic competencies and skills to navigate these waters, but reasonable compatibility with your personality and sensibilities as well. Divorces can by stressful, hyper-emotional, and potentially traumatic; if your attorney is not there to provide more than just the paperwork and negotiating functions, then (s)he may be giving you an incomplete service. Given how costly divorces can be, such shortcomings by your representation can be especially damaging and can seep into other family law matters.

How can Abessi Law & Kevin Abessi Help You?

Mr. Abessi will always endeavor to see his clients exit the divorce process in as emotionally healthy a state as possible, because there's more to a successful divorce than favorable asset distribution.

The Firm's divorce-related service include:

  • Spousal maintenance

  • Child support and custody (pet custody, too!)

  • Uncontested and contested divorces

  • Application of the Firm's extensive financial expertise & valuation tools for asset appraisal

  • Enforcement of prenups and postnups (and review of existing agreements for legal viability)

  • Post-judgment support

  • And more. 

The Firm may also provide litigation support for established clients.

For a complimentary consultation,

email Abessi Law at info@abessilaw.com, or call (800) 370-0830

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