Disposition, Sale, & Related

It should come as no surprise that disposing of an established business is not without its challenges. The task checklist can be long and varied, and consist of engagements with state and even federal governmental and nongovernmental bodies.

Chances are, the party with which you're conducting this type of transaction is seeking legal assistance; entering such waters without an attorney in tow can be problematic, to say the least. It is generally advised that you seek legal guidance in such matters, whether or not the other party has done the same (and whether or not there is another party to even begin with).

Partnership, LLC, corporation... they all come with disposal-related items that, if not handled with care, can come back to cost you in expense, time, and stress, and to an extent beyond the cost of an attorney.

Business Meeting

How can Abessi Law Help?

Abessi Law can provide guidance on the various elements dealing with concluding a business relationship.

This includes:

  • Sale of business or division thereof

  • Negotiations

  • Asset sale

  • Partnership dissolution

  • Liquidation

  • Filings with the appropriate regulatory bodies

  • Directly-related tax considerations

  • Protecting post-disposal rights

The Firm may also provide litigation support for established clients.