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When it comes to its business law practice, Abessi Law thinks of itself as a de facto extension of clients because it knows that the client's success is its success. This is why the Firm works very hard to not just deliver the requested services, but to do so in a way that can accommodate its clients' finite resources. For law firms, the purpose of serving the needs of businesses should be as much about positioning clients for long-term growth as it is about competently performing the immediate work at hand.

With financial expertise and a business background to go with his legal skills, Kevin Abessi is committed to going beyond the core responsibilities of a business lawyer and provide operational guidance as needed in order to optimize performance and efficiencies for Abessi Law's clients. Whether you're at the formation stage, or have already launched operations and are looking for contract or developmental support, contact the Firm for a complimentary initial evaluation to see how it may aid your current and future initiatives. Should you be seeking sale, dissolution, or some other transition with respect to your business, Abessi Law may be able to help with that, as well.

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